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F600G Ceiling Media, class from F5 according to EN 779:2012 (40% ≤ Em < 60%).  Available in mats and rolls.


The unique fibre properties contribute to a constant laminar flow in the entire spray booth, with low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity.  F600G is a media provides unique performance for low operating and maintenance costs.  For smaller repair facilities as well as for the vehicle industry.


Maximum temperature: 120 °C, without discolouring.
Maximum relative humidity: 100%
Rated Velocity: 0.26 m/s


Thermally bonded, progressive density synthetic fibre.
Under all conditions, the in a laminar air flow.
This filter is resistant to solvent vapors and contains no silicones.
Flame resistance class F1 (DIN 53438-3) and is self-extinguishing.


Not regenerable
Used filters may be disposed of in authorised landfill


Media obtains its unique performance from a progressive multi-layering of brake-proof fibres.
F600G is specially produced to separate and capture particles from the air in all types of lacquering facilities.  
Media is needled and calendared ensuring a high break resistance and will retain the fibre matrix after cleaning.
The clean air side is covered with a very strong fabric to prevent damage and to give the mat stability.  
Media is thermally bound and treated with a specially produced adhesive that prevents fibre and particle release and ensures optimum particle holding capacity and maintained efficiency level.