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Baffle Filter F5 according to EN 779:2002 (50% ≤ Am< 65% / 65% ≤ Am< 80%).  Filter blades are arranged to force contaminant-laden air to change direction and thus impinge on these surfaces.  The unique design will trap and hold up to 98% of grease and other foreign matter.


The primary function is to prevent flame from travelling from the cooking area up into the extract duct.  Stainless steel and galvanised metal blades sheds grease rapidly, no expensive, hazardous solvents are required.

• Designed for use in commercial kitchens and ventilation from food preparation areas.
• Excellent performance at low cost


Maximum temperature: 500 °C Stainless steel, 250 °C Galvanised steel
Recommended final pressure drop: 175 Pa
Relative humidity: 100%


Bright Polished Surface, corrosion resistant,
Material Options - Galvanised Steel or 304 & 430 Stainless Steel



• Baffle filters are easily washed in a solution of warm, soapy water or by holding under a live
  steam jet or a stream of hot running water.

Under extremely high heat conditions, some charring of grease may occur, removed with
  frequent cleanings or cleaning compounds.


• The baffles are uniquely designed by a press, giving them the exact distance from one
  baffle to the next.

• Frame shall be made from roll formed, 24-gauge Stainless Steel or Hot Dip Galvanized Steel,
  giving extra strength and secured with rivets on one end.

• Handles available as optional extra.


It can be regenerated several times by washing with tepid water and detergent.