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Fibreglass Duct Wrap is a lightweight, blanket-type insulation with an FSK facing for superior thermal and condensation control.


It is designed as thermal insulation for HVAC systems, commercial and residential heating air conditioning ducts.  Suitable for the control of temperature and condensation on the surfaces of exterior sheet metal ducts.  Ideal for cooling, heating or dual temperature service ducts.


Max. Temperature –120°C
Water vapour absorption – ≤5% by weight


Appearance: Fibrous glass blanket,
Fibre Glass Wool average fibre diameters = approximately 4-8 microns,
Energy conservation with lower operating costs,
Ease of installation,
Excellent noise reduction.



Our manufacturing process ensures consistency during production.  The insulation blanket is manufactured from rotary-process fiberglass bonded with a resin made primarily from rapidly renewable plant-based materials.  It is faced with an aluminium foil/scrim – reinforced kraft laminate providing a resistant surface finish and an excellent vapour barrier.  A 120mm overlapping flange is provided on one side for a neater appearance and adequate seal.


Aluminium Foil Tapes are a high-quality silver-coated Polyethylene cloth tape.
Duct Tape uses a durable, high tack adhesive which makes it simple to apply and
provides an excellent vapour barrier under almost all climatic conditions.
Designed for the sealing seams of foil faced insulation, as well as for use on
Duct Board Systems.  Available in rolls of 50 metres in a width of 50mm.


Dispose of waste material according to Local, State and Provincial Environmental Regulations.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to international transport regulations.