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Saran Filter Media class G3 according to EN779:2002 (80% ≤ Am < 90%).  Sarans high dust holding capacity allows the maintenance period between cleaning cycles of the air filter to be lengthened, thus providing a low-cost air filter for an air conditioner.


For removing dust and other solid particles in a circulating air system, or used as a pre-filter to improve the performance and operational life of reusable filter elements in commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  Extensively used in console units and calibrated panels.


Saran is the trade name for Polymers fibers.
Manufactured from Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC).
Resulting in a 100% synthetic Homopolymer Filament.
Woven Honeycomb 12/10 configuration with a course dimpled texture
Filter media colour - black.


Maximum temperature: 90 °C (continuous operation 80 °C)
Good Thermal Stability:  decomposes above 125 °C to produce Hydrogen chloride.
Recommended final pressure drop: 180 Pa
Relative humidity: 100%



• Free from Mould, Bacteria Damage:  Saran’s properties are not degraded in highly humidity.
• Superior Chemical Resistance:  Resistant to acids and alkalis, and is insoluble in oils and most organic solvents, making it suitable for use in applications involving exposure to chemicals, including solvents such as Tetra-Hydrofuran and Cyclohexanone.
• Low Moisture Regain of less than 0.1%.  It is a good barrier against water, oxygen and aromas
• High Elastic Recovery.  Saran fibre resists wrinkling and creasing.  
• Excellent Flame Resisting:  Saran fibre is self-extinguishing, making the addition of flame-retardants unnecessary.  Saran fibre plays an important role in applications requiring high flame-retardant properties